Your One Stop Shop For ALL Your CREDIT Needs!

Better Service. Lower Cost. Guaranteed!

Your One Stop Shop For ALL Your CREDIT Needs!

Better Service. Lower Cost. Guaranteed!




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Welcome To Credit Services of El Paso


  • We offer an array of services personalized and customized to exceed your own individual needs.
  • Repairing your bad credit can be extremely challenging without the right tools.
  • Many people struggle with credit repair simply because they do not understand all of the elements involved.
  • CSEP has helped people with bad credit achieve their goals.
  • No more rejection letters.
  • No more phone calls from creditors.





















All this and more can be achieved by CSEP. We have the most friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and confident credit coaches. CSEP sets the industry standard very high when it comes to credit repair, debt elimination and credit coaching.


  • CSEP will help you understand your financial strengths and


  • Our free credit and debt consultation will get you complete

         review of your credit.

  • We are the ONLY company in the area that can offer Debt

         Management, Student Loan Consolidation  and Credit Services

         legally under one roof!






















Call us today at 915-595-1111 to take advantage of our no-obligation credit review and recommended solutions.


Click on WHY US to see the difference, QUESTIONS to see how we can help and Free Credit Advice to see what we can do for you at no cost! You will be glad you did!


We have the experience, expertise, tools, and a proven track record. We offer our members complete credit report repair, not just one piece of the pie that will leave you even worse and unhappy. To learn more about how CSEP offers unparalleled service and quality, call us at 915-595-1111.



Why Us?


    >We offer Personalized —

    >Not Computerized Credit Repair!

    >Customer Service

    >Proven results




Our Services


    >Personal Credit Mentor

    >Debt Negotiation

    >Credit Reports

    >Credit Repair

    >Debt Elimination






    >How to choose a credit

      repair company?

    >How long does a dispute


    >Is this legal?



Results may vary. Please call us for details.

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